Brand Owner (click to sort) Address Description
A ADAPT Adapt-Mobile Ltd 201 Clerkenwell WorkshopsGB
United Kingdom
Rechargeable alkaline batteries; power supplies, power ...
IGO iGo, Inc. 17800 N. Perimeter Drive, Suite 200
Scottsdale AZ 85255
Clothing, headwear configured to accommodate a ...

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Technical Examples
  1. An enclosure for a wastewater fluid level sensing and control system is provided. The enclosure for a control panel of the system may comprise a housing and a non-opaque door. Audible and/or visible alarm devices may be mounted within an interior space formed when the door is closed with respect to the housing. The control panel may be configured to turn on the audible and/or visible alarms responsive to signals from a fluid level sensing device within a reservoir. The control panel may include a touch sensor pad mounted to an inner wall of the housing. Changes in capacitance in the pad as a result of a hand being placed adjacent the sensor on the outside of the housing may be operative to cause the control panel to silence the alarms.