Brand Owner Address Description
ACCESS PLUS Bold Endeavors LLC 1200 Harwood Drive South, #166
Fargo ND 58104
Arm straps and arm bands especially ...

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Technical Examples
  1. A power weaving loom includes weft thread insertion and collecting bands (6, 7). Drive units drive the bands and cause leading parts of the bands to move towards and away from one another between sides of the weaving machine and an approximately half-width position (13) of the machine. The bands include grippers (6b, 7b), which allow the weft thread to be drawn from a first side of the machine to the approximately half-width position and then to a second side of the machine. The drive units include servomotors which are coordinated to act upon the bands via motion-transmitting members with a torque that allows inward and return motions of the bands during brief shedding times, thus providing high machine picking speeds even in machines of great width.