Brand Owner (click to sort) Address Description
BC BEYOND ELECTRONICS, INC. 12718 Schabarum Avenue
Irwindale CA 91706
Cell phone accessories, replacement parts, faceplates, ...
WIRELESS ACCESSORIES Beyond Electronics Inc. 12718 Schabarum Ave.
Irwindale CA 91706
cell phone accessories, replacement parts for ...

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Technical Examples
  1. A test device includes first and second testers each having at least one testing contact for making contact with at least one external contact of an electronic component; and a conveying device that conveys electronic components to the first and second testers in a synchronized manner such that the external contacts of the electronic components form an electrical connection to the testing contacts. Via the testing contacts, it is possible to apply input voltages and input currents to the electronic components and it is possible to measure the voltages, currents and resistances prevailing in the electronic components. The testers check the electronic components on the basis of a predetermined overall set of test criteria or on the basis of subsets of the overall set of test criteria.