Brand Owner Address Description
BCOZY Costume Evolution, Inc. 2218 E. Gladwick St
Rancho Dominguez CA 90220
Halloween costumes and anime costumes in ...

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Technical Examples
  1. The present invention provides a system, method of manufacture and method of use that provides for an easily changeable costume system that allows for quick costumes changes without having to entirely undress and allows for the purchase of add on decorative items to allow for costume changes without having to buy an entirely new costume. According to a preferred embodiment, an interchangeable costuming system is disclosed comprising: a washable foundation with a plurality of first ends of an attachment device fixedly attached; and at least one non-washable decorative cover with at least two second ends of an attachment device fixedly attached. The second ends of the attachment device are intended to removably attach the non-washable decorative cover to the washable foundation so as to provide a washable garment with a non-washable decorative cover. Additional decorative items may be added on.