Brand Owner Address Description
TREE FU TOM FremantleMedia Limited 1 Stephen Street
London W1T1AL
Cinematographic films featuring music, soundtracks, artistic ...

Where the owner name is not linked, that owner no longer owns the brand

Technical Examples
  1. When reproducing animation data stored in a data storing section (11), a data evaluation section (21) evaluates the complexity of the animation data before reproducing the animation data, and judges whether or not an animation reproducing section (12) can reproduce the animation data without problem. When the data evaluation section (21) judges that, because of insufficient function or throughput, the animation reproducing section (12) cannot directly reproduce the evaluated animation data, the data evaluation section (21) does not allow the animation reproducing section (12) to reproduce the animation data, and instead notifies a user that the reproduction is not possible. With this, it is possible to prevent defects that animation in which data of some types are missing and animation having many missing frames are reproduced, even when animation reproducing terminals having a variety of throughputs reproduce animation data having various complexities.