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AMERICAN CHEEZ Perrine O'Neil 155 Garth Road Apt. 1D Scarsdale NY 10583 AMERICAN CHEESE;Bar and cocktail lounge services; Bar services featuring liquor, beer, and wine.; Pizza parlors; Providing of food and drink; Serving food and drinks; Wine bars;
MONARCA E-Z MELT SARAMAR CORPORATION Cannon Building, Suite 145 861 Silver Lake Boulevard Dover DE 19901 American cheese;E-Z MELT;The English translation of MONARCA is monarch.;

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Technical Examples
  1. The present invention is directed to nutritionally superior cheese products and their methods of manufacture. More particularly, this invention is directed to the manufacture of nutritionally superior cheese products having at least two phases wherein at least one phase is cheese (e.g., process cheese, uncured natural cheese, cured natural cheese, and the like) and at least one phase is a second edible phase (e.g., a cheese different from the first phase, vegetables, meats, mixtures of vegetables and meats, fruit, nuts, and the like). The nutritionally superior cheese products of the present invention are prepared by co-extruding the two or more phases such that the use of adhesives or heat to bind the at least two phases is not required. Nutritional supplements (e.g., vitamins, calcium, minerals, and the like) can be incorporated into one or more of the at least two phases.