Brand Owner (click to sort) Address Description
D DURACO Duraco, Inc. 7400 Industrial Drive
Forest Park IL 601302514
Plastic and Sponge Rubber Foams Coated ...
D DURACO EXPRESS Duraco, Inc. 7400 Industrial Drive
Forest Park IL 601302514
Plastic and Sponge Rubber Foams Coated ...
GSM/GUIDES SELF-MANAGEMENT David Zucker, M.D., Ph.D. Arboretum Professional Center
2910 E. Madison, Suite 104
Seattle WA 98112
Medical Services, providing patient-centered medical care ...
MARENCLAD Maren Corporation 145 First Drive NE
New Philadelphia OH 44663
adhering of metallic components together using ...
MEMOSCENT Valecom AG Industriestrasse 1
CH8340 Hinwil
Attaching samples of products, scents or ...
ROOF-TOP A.K.T. Specialty 6615 Lanesferry Road
Newbern TN 38059
Goods made from rubber, gutta-percha, ...
TAP4MOR CELLOTAPE, INC. 47623 Fremont Blvd.
Fremont CA 94538
Treatment of materials, adhering and embedding ...

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Technical Examples
  1. A method of calculating a quantity of light by measuring, by using an adhering force measuring unit (71), the adhering force of an ultraviolet light-curable tape (11 or 21) relying upon the quantity of ultraviolet light with which the ultraviolet light-curable tape is irradiated from an ultraviolet light irradiation unit (61), and calculating, by using a calculation unit, the quantity of ultraviolet light corresponding to a predetermined adhering force, from the measured adhering force of the ultraviolet light-curable tape, and a device therefor. The predetermined adhering force may have been stored in advance in the storage unit or the predetermined adhering force may be determined in advance relying upon at least either one of the kind of the ultraviolet light-curable tape or the elapsed time of the ultraviolet light-curable tape. Then, the quantity of light necessary for the ultraviolet light-curable tape that is used is automatically calculated to avoid a problem caused by an insufficient quantity of light or an excess quantity of light.