Brand Owner Address Description
W WORLDWIDE DIRECTORIES.COM Worldwide Directories Corporation 1 Yonge Street, Suite 1801
Toronto M5E1W7
Advertising and commercial information services, via ...

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Technical Examples
  1. Method and apparatus is disclosed for constructing, and updating, a searchable database from very large data collections including diverse types of data thus enabling the data to be cataloged, data mined, indexed, parsed, cross-referenced and published for rapid location and free text retrieval of data elements from terabytes of information or millions of elements. The method and apparatus enables full text searches with the aid of an Internet browser using very complex search criteria without special skills. The full text searches are performed on a searchable database developed from the data collections in a large data storage system and wherein data type elements are identified, hyperlinked when possible, and stored in a retrievable format. In addition to the searchable database, a database is constructed that shows graphically the relationships between a current module being viewed and any other modules the current module may reference or be referenced by.