Brand Owner (click to sort) Address Description
C COREDGE SOFTWARE INC. 15-2100 Thurston Drive
Ottawa, Ontario K1G4K8
Computer software, application integration software ...
EMBEDDED MATLAB The MathWorks, Inc. 3 Apple Hill Drive
Natick MA 01760
computer software, software for use in ...
FLYCELL ACOTEL GROUP S.p.A. Via della Valle dei Fontanili 29
00168 ROME
[ Telephone, telematic and electronic apparatus, ...
IVDACC NBOR Corporation 6120 Valley View Road
Oakland CA 94611
Computer programs, computer operating system programs ...
KNOWRTAL Simulex, Inc. Suite 120
3482 McClure Avenue
West Lafayette IN 47906
Computer service, acting as an application ...
SCANAROO Cerado, Inc. 539 Highland Avenue
Half Moon Bay CA 94019
Computer services, software as a service ...
SCANAROO Cerado, Inc. 539 Highland Avenue
Half Moon Bay CA 94019
Computer services, software as a service ...
WEDDINATOR Lauren Hines 324 Main Street #51
Laurel MD 20725
Computer application software for mobile phones, ...

Where the owner name is not linked, that owner no longer owns the brand

Technical Examples
  1. An embodiment of the invention provides a method for migrating data from one location to another comprising establishing a new memory location under control of a specific memory accessing device. The new memory location being where data, which is being migrated from a first memory location, is to be resident, the specific accessing device taking control of a certain portion of data resident at the first memory location, the control preventing the certain data from being accessed by any device other than the specific accessing device, obtaining, under control of the specific accessing device, a most recent version of the certain data from the first memory location, forwarding the obtained certain data to the new memory location, and when the obtained certain data is forwarded to the new memory location, marking the certain data as being gone from the first memory location such that attempts to access the certain data at the first memory location from a specific accessing device will be redirected back to the accessing device for redirection to the new memory location.