Brand Owner Address Description
3RILL Positec Group Limited 183 Queen's Road East
Hong Kong Adm. Region
Power operated tools, 3-in-1 impact drivers, ...

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Technical Examples
  1. A vehicle anti-collision system and method for is disclosed which provides drivers with additional time in which to react to significant roadway events which often precede accidents. The simplest implementation of the system and method (Phase I) employs a brake pedal mounted sensor packet for determining how hard a driver is braking. Hard braking information is relayed to approaching drivers by means of the reverse lights of the vehicle. Additional implementation phases (II through IV) are described wherein event information is communicated between vehicles over a communications link. Furthermore, additional vehicle information, such as an impact, swerving, emergency light activation, and roadway hazards may be communicated to approaching drivers by the communications link whereby drivers need not see the vehicle that has slammed on its brakes, or otherwise has created or responded to an event, in order to avoid an accident.