Welcome to the Brand page for “TEKNO”, which is offered here for Chainsaws; air-operated power tools, orbital sanders; air compressors; dishwashing machines; electric arc welders; electric compressors; electric food blenders; electric food processors; electric juice extractors; electric knives; electric mixers for household purposes; electric sanders; electric washing machines for industrial purposes; gasoline lawn mowers; grinders being power tools; high pressure washers; lawn mowers; painting machines; power-operated angle grinders; power-operated blowers; power-operated grass/weed trimmers; power-operated lawn and garden string trimmers; power-operated polishers; power blowers for lawn debris; power tools, circular saws; power tools, hammer drill; ride-on lawn mowers; spray guns for painting; suction pumps; vacuum cleaners; washing machines for household purposes; weeding machines; electric hand-held mixers for household purposes;pans; hand-operated grinders; juice extractors, non-electric; non-electric coffee makers; non-electric food blenders; non-electric food mixers; non-electric juicers; non-electric toasters; rice cooking pots; wine bottle cradles;.

Its status is currently believed to be active. Its class is unavailable. “TEKNO” is believed to be currently owned by “Corporacion El Rosado S.A.”

Owner Details
Chainsaws; Air-operated power tools, ORBITAL SANDERS; Air compressors; Dishwashing machines; Electric arc welders; Electric compressors; Electric food blenders; Electric food processors; Electric juice extractors; Electric knives; Electric mixers for household purposes; Electric sanders; Electric washing machines for industrial purposes; Gasoline lawn mowers; Grinders being power tools; High pressure washers; Lawn mowers; Painting machines; Power-operated angle grinders; Power-operated blowers; Power-operated grass/weed trimmers; Power-operated lawn and garden string trimmers; Power-operated polishers; Power blowers for lawn debris; Power tools, CIRCULAR SAWS; Power tools, HAMMER DRILL; Ride-on lawn mowers; Spray guns for painting; Suction pumps; Vacuum cleaners; Washing machines for household purposes; Weeding machines; Electric hand-held mixers for household purposes;Pans; Hand-operated grinders; Juice extractors, non-electric; Non-electric coffee makers; Non-electric food blenders; Non-electric food mixers; Non-electric juicers; Non-electric toasters; Rice cooking pots; Wine bottle cradles;
Categories: CHAINSAWS