Welcome to the Brand page for “BAREFOOT BEAR”, which is offered here for Infants' and children's outerwear, shirts, shorts, pants, suits, coats, jackets, sweaters, one and two-piece playsuits, jump suits, body suits and creepers, underpants, training pants, undershirts, diapers for babies, insulated and non-insulated garments in the form of loungewear which envelop the wearer from the feet to the shoulders, and baby buntings, pajamas, gowns, kimonos, sacques and one and two-piece footed sleepers.

Its status is currently believed to be dead. Its class is “Clothing”. BAREFOOT BEAR is believed to have no current owner.

Owner:No Current Owner
Infants' and Children's Outerwear, Shirts, Shorts, Pants, Suits, Coats, Jackets, Sweaters, One and Two-Piece Playsuits, Jump Suits, Body Suits and Creepers, Underpants, Training Pants, Undershirts, Diapers for Babies, Insulated and Non-Insulated Garments in the Form of Loungewear which Envelop the Wearer from the Feet to the Shoulders, and Baby Buntings, Pajamas, Gowns, Kimonos, Sacques and One and Two-Piece Footed Sleepers
Categories: BABY BUNTING