Welcome to the Brand page for “ALLISON”, which is offered here for Battery chargers; compasses; thermometers; coin dispensers; electric cigarette lighters; switches; mileage minders for checking mileage and gas use; tire gauge; line voltage testers; neon circuit testers; volt testers; spark plug testers; continuity and circuit testers; battery testers; battery hydrometers; anti-freeze testers; domestic electric vacuum cleaners for auto use;ice scrapers; auto body hand tools; ignition and distributor tools; brake tools; oil filter wrenches; tools for replacing and repairing tire valves; battery pliers;hydraulic jacks; siphon pumps;vehicle accessories, anti theft door lock-knobs; coin holders; dash-trays; steering wheel covers; automobile mirrors; bumpers; fender ornaments; windshield washers; splash guards; coin and pen holders; ventilated cushions; slipcovers; tire valve extenders; guards to prevent automobile doors from opening; automobile door rattle eliminators; protectors to prevent edges of automobile doors from chipping and denting: shields and visors to reduce the glare of headlights and of the sun;ash trays; cigarette lighters;vehicle reflectors; fog and driving lamps; safety, trouble, trunk, glove compartment, map and under hood lights;funnels; brushes for cleaning whitewall tires, grills, spokes, small parts and battery terminals, for cleaning lint and dirt from upholstery and auto carpet and for removing rust and flaking paint; hose nozzles for car washing;.

Its status is currently believed to be active. Its class is unavailable. “ALLISON” is believed to be currently owned by “Allison Corporation”.

Owner Details
Battery Chargers; Compasses; Thermometers; Coin Dispensers; Electric Cigarette Lighters; Switches; Mileage Minders for Checking Mileage and Gas Use; Tire Gauge; Line Voltage Testers; Neon Circuit Testers; Volt Testers; Spark Plug Testers; Continuity and Circuit Testers; Battery Testers; Battery Hydrometers; Anti-Freeze Testers; Domestic Electric Vacuum Cleaners for Auto Use;Ice Scrapers; Auto Body Hand Tools; Ignition and Distributor Tools; Brake Tools; Oil Filter Wrenches; Tools for Replacing and Repairing Tire Valves; Battery Pliers;Hydraulic Jacks; Siphon Pumps;Vehicle Accessories, Anti Theft Door Lock-Knobs; Coin Holders; Dash-Trays; Steering Wheel Covers; Automobile Mirrors; Bumpers; Fender Ornaments; Windshield Washers; Splash Guards; Coin and Pen Holders; Ventilated Cushions; Slipcovers; Tire Valve Extenders; Guards to Prevent Automobile Doors from Opening; Automobile Door Rattle Eliminators; Protectors to Prevent Edges of Automobile Doors from Chipping and Denting: Shields and Visors to Reduce the Glare of Headlights and of the Sun;Ash Trays; Cigarette Lighters;Vehicle Reflectors; Fog and Driving Lamps; Safety, Trouble, Trunk, Glove Compartment, Map and Under Hood Lights;Funnels; Brushes for Cleaning Whitewall Tires, Grills, Spokes, Small Parts and Battery Terminals, for Cleaning Lint and Dirt from Upholstery and Auto Carpet and for Removing Rust and Flaking Paint; Hose Nozzles for Car Washing;