Welcome to the Brand page for “346”, which is offered here for Blusher; eye make-up; body powder; concealers for skin; face and body beauty creams; face powder; make-up for the face and body; lipstick; lip balm; lip gloss; lip liner; foundation make-up; make-up; make-up powder; nail polish; body sprays; room fragrances; scented linen sprays; incense sticks; fragrances for personal use; oils for toiletry purposes; bath beads; potpourri; perfuming sachets; sachet-like eye pillows containing fragrances; sachets; scented body lotions and creams; scented body spray; scented ceramic stones; scented fabric refresher spray; scented oils used to produce aromas when heated; scented room sprays; aromatic oils; baby oil; bath oil; body oil; cosmetic oils; essential oils; perfume oils; tanning oils; emery boards; cologne; after-shave; after-shave balms; after-shave creams; after-shave emulsions; after-shave gel; after-shave lotions; after-sun lotions; aromatic skin lotions; bath lotion; bathing lotions; body lotion; cosmetic suntan lotions; face and body lotions; hair waving lotion; hand lotions; non-medicated skin care preparations, creams, lotions, gels, toners, cleaners and peels; styling lotions; beauty creams; body cream; cosmetic creams; exfoliant creams; face and body creams; pre-shave creams; shaving balm; shaving cream; shaving gel; shaving preparations; skin cream; bath soaps; deodorant soap; deodorant for personal use; shampoos; bath gel; hair gel; hair styling spray; shower and bath gel; beauty lotions; eau de perfume; perfume; eau de toilette; deodorants for body care.

Its status is currently believed to be active. Its class is “Cosmetics and cleaning preparations”. “346” is believed to be currently owned by “BROOKS BROTHERS GROUP, INC.”

Owner Details
Blusher; Eye make-up; Body powder; Concealers for skin; Face and body beauty creams; Face powder; Make-up for the face and body; Lipstick; Lip balm; Lip gloss; Lip liner; Foundation make-up; Make-up; Make-up powder; Nail polish; Body sprays; Room fragrances; Scented linen sprays; Incense sticks; Fragrances for personal use; Oils for toiletry purposes; Bath beads; Potpourri; Perfuming sachets; Sachet-like eye pillows containing fragrances; Sachets; Scented body lotions and creams; Scented body spray; Scented ceramic stones; Scented fabric refresher spray; Scented oils used to produce aromas when heated; Scented room sprays; Aromatic oils; Baby oil; Bath oil; Body oil; Cosmetic oils; Essential oils; Perfume oils; Tanning oils; Emery boards; Cologne; After-shave; After-shave balms; After-shave creams; After-shave emulsions; After-shave gel; After-shave lotions; After-sun lotions; Aromatic skin lotions; Bath lotion; Bathing lotions; Body lotion; Cosmetic suntan lotions; Face and body lotions; Hair waving lotion; Hand lotions; Non-medicated skin care preparations, creams, lotions, gels, toners, cleaners and peels; Styling lotions; Beauty creams; Body cream; Cosmetic creams; Exfoliant creams; Face and body creams; Pre-shave creams; Shaving balm; Shaving cream; Shaving gel; Shaving preparations; Skin cream; Bath soaps; Deodorant soap; Deodorant for personal use; Shampoos; Bath gel; Hair gel; Hair styling spray; Shower and bath gel; Beauty lotions; Eau de perfume; Perfume; Eau de toilette; Deodorants for body care
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